Plant vs Zombie Heroes
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Great gameplay! Overall so fun
The offline mode really help us a lot
Free to play
Stuttering, not smooth. I don't know if it was my phone or the apps itself
No improvement on graphic, compared with previous PvZ franchise
Awesome! Plant vs Zombie Heroes Latest APK 2017 Download Plant vs Zombie and Hearthstone are phenomenal games. Both gives you a fun gameplay with a deep strategic play, besides that they provide you not only a great gameplay but also stunning visuals. So, we can’t leave them, just go grab and play Plant vs Zombie Heroes APK 1.0.11.

Plant vs Zombie Heroes Gameplay

For a long time, Plant vs Zombie keeps their monotone tower defense game, but now their breaks their wall and try something different. Well, it’s still same for me, but it’s kinda different. Actually, they still keep their classic gameplay and mixed it with a turn-based card game which makes us remember about Hearthstone.

Plant vs Zombie Heroes Latest APK Download

Plant vs Zombie Heroes Latest APK Download

Like the classic Plant vs Zombie game, or Hearthstone, Plant vs Zombie Heroes requires some energy to play the cards, you need a sun energy if you play as Plants or brain energy if you play as a Zombie. As the turn goes on, your energy will increase overturn. The more energy you have, the more powerful card that you can play on the field.

Talking about the characters, you can see a lot of character from the previous game. You can meet any peashooter plants, or potato-mines, etc.

Plant vs Zombie Heroes Latest APK Download

Plant vs Zombie Heroes Latest APK Download

Overall, Plant vs Zombie Heroes is really great, especially for a casual card game. You can play this game without internet connection (single player offline mode) which is really great since it’ll save your battery a lot. Or if you want to rank higher or wanna get a stronger card, you can check the multiplayer game mode and be the best.

What’s New?

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Plant vs Zombie Heroes

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4.1 Jellybean

17 January 2017

Plant vs Zombie Heroes Latest Version Download

Plant vs Zombie Heroes

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