Plant vs Zombie 2
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Great graphic! Huge improvement from the previous version
New plants and zombie
It's free to play
There's no change on the gameplay
It's not actually free, but freemium
Excellent Plant vs Zombie 2 Latest APK 2017 Download Plant vs Zombie is a fun game that suitable for everyone. Overall, anyone who has a smartphone, whether an Android or iOS, need to download this awesome games. I bet that you won’t regret it.

Plant vs Zombie 2 Gameplay

If we talking about the Plant vs Zombie 2 Gameplay, there’s no huge different from the previous version, you just need to defense your garden from the zombie.

Plant vs Zombie Latest APK

Plant vs Zombie Latest APK

Plant vs Zombie 2 also keep the plants (character) and the zombie from the previous version, sure there are a lot of new plants and zombie that you can found on this new version.

Plant vs Zombie 2 is a freemium game, you can complete the game without spending money at all, just need a little push to do that. But don’t worry about that, APKSaurus will give you the modded version of Plant vs Zombie, so you’ll complete the game easier.

Plant vs Zombie 2 Download

Plant vs Zombie 2 Download

Like we’ve mentioned before, overall, Plant vs Zombie 2 Latest APK is a super fun game. Even there are a lot of IAP that kinda force you to pay, but you can still finish or complete the game without IAP. Talking about game improvement, Plant vs Zombie didn’t have that much improvement if we compare to the previous version. But, this game is what you need if you’re looking for casual fun games.

What’s New?

Grow your arsenal and enhance your plants with the Power Plants update, starting January 10! Now you can:

  • Earn Seed Packets to develop powerful plants like never before, with amplified   attacks, bolstered defenses, unique abilities, and more.
  • Find fun pinatas stuffed with Seed Packets and other goodies in new Scheduled Quests.
  • Score more plants, costumes, and bundles – on sale in the Store.


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Minimum Android Version


Plant vs Zombie 2

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4.1 Jellybean

17 January 2017

Plant vs Zombie Latest Version Download

Plant vs Zombie 2

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