Manuganu 2
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Great Download Manuganu 2 Latest APK on APKSaurus Manuganu is an RPG-adventure game. This game is just looks like Limbo, I mean the gameplay. Manuganu 2 has a side scrolling game with a 3D environment. It’s really great adventure game, the graphics is pretty good too. How about the gameplay? Well, you’ll know if you downloaded the game and installed on your devices right now. So how does the game? If you want some alternatives, LIMBO APK is the perfect one for you.

Manuganu 2 Android Review

If you love a platformer game genre, you may already know about this game, Manuganu. We could say that Manuganu is one of the platformer game that has known well over mobile platformer gamers over the world. Manuganu 2 has a great responses from people. Manuganu 2 is developed by Alper Sarikaya, until now they already launched 2 Manuganu games, the first version and the sequel.

Manuganu 2 Latest APK Download

Manuganu 2 Latest APK Download

Manuganu 2 Android

Manuganu 2 Android

Manuganu 2 APKSaurus Download

Manuganu 2 APKSaurus Download

The main point of Manuganu 2 gameplay is still the same. you play as Manuganu to run and reach the finish line. There’s 2 button to control your character, jump and stop. Well, that’s 2 buttons are enough to help you to complete the quest. The different between the sequel and the first one is the ‘lives’. There’s no ‘lives’ on the sequel, if you fail, you’ll go back to the last checkpoint.


Last, if you’re looking for a platformer game which is pretty good. I suggest you to download this game as soon as possible (since Google Drive like to limits the download amount). So what are you waiting for? Download Manuganu 2 Latest APK on APKSaurus right away.

What’s New?

40 unequally designed levels. Beat 4 Epic Bosses and complete the saga. Collect all the items to win extra awards. Follow alternative paths to collect the three stars and gain “Google Play” achievements.

To run away from enemies and dodge the obstacles use the halt feature. In Manuganu timing is everything.

In this release, Manuganu, has fly and swim features, which can easily be controlled with a single touch and it will be more challenging than ever with the improved climb feature.

Completely 3D character and environment design. Environments prepared with different colors and lights will get you into the game.


Name Manuganu 2

File Size 27 MB (APK) and 133 MB (Data)

Version 1.07

Android Version 2.3 and up

Uploaded 26 February 2017

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