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Perfect Download Limbo Latest Mod APK on APKSaurus for Free Well, Limbo is an adventure game that first introduced on PC. Limbo has a classic 2D adventure (side-scrolling), not only that it has a monochrome color scheme. Hence, this game doesn’t feel that flat, due to its beautiful parallax background effect, this 2D monochrome scheme feels like 3D in some way. Limbo Full APK is really phenomenal, everyone knows Limbo, everyone loves Limbo, so why don’t you just try Limbo Full APK on APKSaurus.

Limbo Android Game Review

After waiting for 2 years after the release on PC, finally Limbo come to mobile device, Android & iOS. Well, Limbo has a great storyline, well 2D graphics and everything that you want about adventure games. Feel the creepy world that Limbo bring to us.

Limbo Mod APK

Limbo Mod APK

Limbo Mod APKSaurus

Limbo Mod APKSaurus

Limbo Latest APK

Limbo Latest APK

After all, Android version of Limbo is still the same as the iOS one, yeah well that’s exactly the same as the PC or Xbox 360 version. You can control your character with your touchscreen which is pretty solid and easy to control this boy. Limbo is pretty hardcore game, since you may die a lot in order to complete this puzzle-adventure games.


If you’re interested to explore the monochrome world on Limbo, you can download Latest Limbo Mod APK here for free. Well, Limbo is a platformer game that you’ll finish between 3-4 hours. But this is a really worth game to play! If you’re looking for alternatives, you should try Oceanhorn Mod APK or Dungeon Quest Mod APK.

What’s New?

  • fixed a bug with showing the Google Play login screen over and over again.



File Size 24 MB (APK) and 84 MB (Data)

Version 1.15

Android Version 4.1 and up

Uploaded 26 February 2017

LIMBO Android

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