APKSaurus.com Best Game Android 2017,Have adapted to the Unreal Engine 4, the current game graphics are displayed on Android Smartphones are most electronic equipment widely used. The development of this smartphone is currently growing more rapidly than with a computer. It is increasingly evident with smartphone hardware specifications of the highest and almost equal to a computer. Examples of rapid development of smartphones that is the smartphone that will be fitted with 8 GB ram.

Though if Seen From a laptop or computer Little Once computers use you ram that big. Looking for more Articles Google High-performance smartphone Then it will have an impact on the software development. So that the smartphone will be able to run the game with Graphic Yang approached with a view nyta or Unreal Engine 4. Display singer Indeed Requires high-level smartphone performance and following five games Already It supports real graphics engine 4.

4 Best Android Game 2017

1. Icarus-M

Icarus-M is a game that has been adapted garfis unreal engine 4. Image display interface will face increasingly clear and highly realistic. And this game will be genre MMORPG that will make playing the game fun android fliers apparently. But unfortunately the release time of the android game Icarus-M is still unclear.

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Icarus-M Android

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2. Blade 2

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Blade 2 Coming Soon

2016 is the scene of the battle of the mobile game developers! Many of them show off mobile action games bergrafis HD them. One of them is the South Korean developer, Action Square, after they released Blade: Sword of Elysion in January 2016, now they’ve leaked sequel entitled Blade 2: The Return of Evil! Blade 2 game itself was developed using the Unreal Engine 4, deserve only generated graphics is very sharp and charming. The developer is offering premiere trailer of Blade 2 is, just let’s us see together.

From the trailer above, it appears there are three classes that are available in Blade 2’s. The first is the Gladiator, the figure of warrior sword is able to strike the blow with the sword. But not just any slash, Gladiator is also capable of providing a stun to the enemy, allowing it to consecutivelty additional attacks. Visible also Gladiator capable of doing the beat that hurt a lot of enemies at once. Then followed by Assassin, a female character who has a combo melee attack very fast and deadly. The movement of the Assassin is very fast, he was also able to dash attack that is capable of cutting all the enemies she passed. There has been no further information about Blade 2, which is obviously the developers said the game will contain more exciting adventure epic than the previous series. And there will also be features player versus player that will make this game more interesting to play. When viewed from prekuelnya, this game also features a system equipment, so you can search for rare equip to make your character stronger!

Blade 2 Android

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3. Endless of God

Thirdly, there Endless of God. Is a game made by NetEase. Later will be carrying the game as the MMORPG genre. Having the theme of the gods of mythology, this game will give gamers plenty of choice of character. But unfortunately the same as game over, time release of this game is still unclear.

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Endless of God Coming Soon

Endless of God Android

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4. Lineage 2 Revolution

Lineage II Revolution – What has happened is that a lot of fans were waiting for this game. This is a real Lineag 2. Which is not only absorbed the essence of this line of games, but even took over all the graphical component. Great engine unreal engin makes this game very beautiful, and a variety of races and classes will force you to play for hours on end, in order to find the most. In addition, as in the PC version, there are a variety of weapons, armor, as well as to improve it functions. And although the game just came out and perhaps much of it is still missing, still I think this project will be to develop rapidly. And now forward, the heroes, the time to join the battle!

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Lineage 2 Revolution

Lineage II is now playable on your smartphone or tablet device as Lineage II Blood Alliance a mobile MMORPG version. I decided to try the game out since I know there are a lot of Lineage 2 fans out there that might be interested in how the game looks and plays. Just to be clear, there is another HD version of Lineage 2 mobile by NCSoft that’s in development


Name Lineage 2 Revolution

File Size  95 MB (APK)

Version 0.40.8

Android Version 4.0.3 and up

Uploaded 12 March 2017

Lineage 2 Revolution Android

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