Assassin's Creed Identity
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Great Download Assassin’s Creed Identity Latest Mod APK on Android Assassin’s Creed is an Action game developed by Ubisoft, this game is really popular both on PC and consoles. Due to its popularity, 20th Century Fox decided to make a movie about this game, last year on December the movie was published.

Assassin’s Creed Identity Android

Well, a lot of people are waiting for Assassin’s Creed Identity to come to Android devices, well your dreams come true then. Assassin’s Creed Identity is really a great game for mobile device.

Assassin's Creed Identity APKSaurus

Assassin’s Creed Identity APKSaurus

Assassin's Creed Identity APKSaurus Mod APK

Assassin’s Creed Identity APKSaurus Mod APK

Assassin's Creed Identity Latest APK

Assassin’s Creed Identity Latest APK

Even there’s a lot of much tighter surroundings if we compare to the PC and console version, Assassin’s Creed Identity Mod APK on Android is just really great for a mobile game.

The game is really enjoying us, you can run (or we could say doing a parkour) over rooftops to run away from the enemy, or to prepare a sudden attack. The conclusion, Assassin’s Creed Identity is just really great for a mobile game

What’s New?

Explore the Italian Renaissance through the eyes of your own assassin, complete dozens of missions and unravel the epic mystery of The Crows.

Create, Evolve, and Customize Your Assassin!

  • Pick a class: Choose between Berserker, Shadow Blade, Trickster, and Thief.
  • Customize your assassins: Use loot, choose your outfits and weapons like epic swords and the iconic hidden blade.
  • Make our assassin evolve from novice to master!

Tons of missions and possibilities!

  • Experience the freedom of movement: Run, jump, climb and feel the thrill of the leap of faith on our mobile screen!
  • Achieve an infinity of quests: unlock new locations and hundreds of items.


Name Assassin’s Creed Identity

File Size 92 MB

Version 2.8.2

Android Version 4.1 and up

Uploaded 25 February 2017

Assassin’s Creed Identity Android

Assassin’s Creed Identity Download

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