About Us

APKSaurus is an APK sharing website. We share a lot of modded or RAW APK, RAW means that we provide the pure APK files and we just provide the mirror. Sometimes you want to download APK that’s not available yet in your country, so this is one of our purposes to provide a mirror of Android APK files for you.

We provide a direct link, such as Google Drive. So you won’t find any intrusive ads while you downloading your file. Currently, we provide a lot of free Android APK files, whether it’s an Android application APK, Android Games APK or, modded Android Games APK.


APKSaurus launched on 3 February 2017, it was the first day this website is online. Hence, there is no post yet on that day, it was the day that we bought the domain and make this website online.

APKSaurus icon is inspired by Merusaurus. Merusaurus is a fictional character which is made by Tashima Meru from HKT48. There’s no correlation between APKSaurus and Merusaurus, we just inspired by that character.

Just if you want to know who is Tashima Meru, just look at the picture below. You can also see the Merusaurus which is held by her.

Merusaurus with Tashima Meru

Merusaurus with Tashima Meru



Yeah, that cute dinosaur is our inspiration to create the iconic APKSaurus logo, just if you are curious how to draw Merusaurus, we have a little package for you.

How to Draw Merusaurus

Unfortunately, this site is a free APK sharing website like we’ve mentioned earlier, you can found any APK’s that you want but you can’t found any information about Tashima Meru further. So, we are really sorry for that things, since we know that you want to know more about her, right?

Our mission is to spread Merusaurus loves, your mission (as a reader) is to spread APKSaurus loves.

So, know you all already know who we are? One thing for sure, APKSaurus will provide any APK that you want. If you couldn’t found any APK files that you want, just message us or go to the request page. We’ll provide the APK files as soon as possible. Just stay tuned and subscribe.